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Colorobbia Brasil.
Materials and services for the ceramic industry.

Colorobbia Brasil is a ceramic colour company that researches, produces and markets materials suitable for the production of ceramic tiles. Colorobbia Brasil, present in Brazil since 1977, is part of  Gruppo Colorobbia, a dynamic global enterprise which has been in the ceramics sector for almost a century.

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Frits & granular glazes.
Colorobbia Brasil produces a full range of ceramic frits including opaque, clear and matt frits with different degrees of opacity, gloss and texture obtained with the fusion of selected raw materials.

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Pigments & inks.
Colorobbia Brasil markets pigments for glazes, bodies and sanitaryware, both in standard grain size and ventilated, or in the form of ink for digital decorations.

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Glazes & serigraphies.
Glazes, engobes, transparent glazes and serigraphic bases are the materials more frequently used for the production of artistic and industrial ceramic. Colorobbia Brasil offers glazing solutions for every type of floor and coating.

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Colorobbia Brasil, in close association with the technological laboratories of Gruppo Colorobbia in Italy and Spain, offers a design planning service in line with the latest trends.

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Thanks to the significant resources invested in research and innovation since the 1970s Colorobbia Brasil has acquired an outstanding position on the Brazilian ceramics market which has allowed the company to grow and develop steadily of time.

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The technical assistance labs and the sales network of Colorobbia Brasil are among the most outstanding on the Brazilian market for their capacity to provide qualified technological and aesthetic services.

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